I am a photographer who celebrates the joy of color. My formative experiences have included documenting Jewish life in in Uganda for a year, and creating a portrait of the last 6 months of my mother’s life. I have coached veterans and at-risk youth, using photography as a therapeutic medium.

Since 1997, I have been photographing in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. I seek to honor the human condition through chronicling the moving, and at times humorous, juxtapositions of rich and poor; high taste and high tack; glamour and grit. I use color as a Greek chorus to illustrate spontaneous street scenes in which vivid hue, form, and character coalesce in an instant, creating a moment in time, both joyous and profound. I focus on the culture of place and myth through the lens of ordinary street life, to illustrate the collective unconscious.

I am currently working on photographic book called “Pinkus: A Walk in Progress” about my late mother. The book juxtaposes my photographs from the last 6 months of her life with family photographs and archival material. 

For fine photography prints, please contact me directly. For my commercial photographs, please visit YAG.




ph. 347 348 2929